Төгсөлт гэдэг өөр нэг зүйлийн эхлэл

Их сургуулиа төгсчихлөө. Гэхдээ 1 сарын 20-нд ШУТИС-ийн Урлаг зааланд болох Төгсөгчдийн арга хэмжээн дээр очоод Диплом буюу батламжаа авчихвал ч 100% төгслөө дөө. Онцлох дипломтой төгсөж байгаа гэж байгаа.


Өнөөдөр багш нар маань над руу утасдаж "Төгсөлтийн арга хэмжээн дээр үг хэлнэ шүү." гэсэн сайхан ч гэсэн хэцүү үүрэг даалгавар өглөө. "Үг хэлнэ" гэдэг тэр арга хэмжээн дээр хүрэлцэн ирсэн нийт төгсөгч оюутнуудынхаа өмнөөс хэлнэ гэсэн үг учраас нэлээд хариуцлагатай гэж дүгнэж сууна. Тэгээд энэ талаар зарим нэг зүйл уншиж үзлээ. Хэрэгтэй эд шиг санагдлаа.

(Орчуулахаас залхуураагүй ч орчуулж бичихээс залхуурлаа. Одоо үед ч бүгд л англиар ойлгодог болсон цаг юм хойно.)
  • Tell lots of stories. The stories should be about the students in the graduating class, the teachers, and other important people in the school. The stories can be funny, or touching, or just descriptive. The audience is filled with parents and people who are not part of the graduating class, so what you want to do is make that graduating class come alive for the people who aren't a part of it.
  • Talk about major events. What are some important things that happened in the world, your community, or at your school in the last four years? Include them in your speech, especially if these events evoke emotion. If a teacher or student died, mention them and say how much everyone misses them. If your football team won the state championship, mention this (and expect enthusiastic applause from the audience).
  • Talk about meaningful activities your class did together. Here's where you talk about the prom, Spirit Week, a successful charity event, the awesome school play, etc. If your school has some traditional events, mention them. Some of the audience members will be alumni and will appreciate this.
  • Talk about values that are important to the students and the audience.If this is a Christian school, talk about God. If this is a liberal arts college, talk about the value of a liberal arts education. Don't dwell on these kinds of topics or you risk sounding corny, but mentioning them will make your speech feel more inclusive to everyone.
  • Be inclusive. Talk about everyone in the class: the jocks, the band geeks, the Honor Society kids, and everyone else. This speech is for everybody.
  • Use popular culture references. This is a popular culture era, so including popular culture references is another thing you can do to make your speech more personal. Work in references to popular TV shows, movies, and songs. Just don't mention that Green Day song (see below).
  • Don't talk about yourself. Well, you can talk about yourself a little bit, but only a little. This speech is for everyone, and it isn't very classy to steal the focus.
  • Don't speak badly of anyone. This is not the time to make fun of that nasty English teacher, nor is it time to get even with that kid who bullied you from grades 3 through 10. Be nice. You can gently poke fun of quirky things, like that weird green stuff they serve every Thursday at the school cafeteria, or the fact that your dorms were voted worst in the country. But do this sparingly, and be careful not to offend anyone.
  • Be appropriate. Use common sense. This is not the forum to discuss the drunken antics of your classmates or other indiscretions. Don't swear.
  • Use inside jokes sparingly. Your classmates might appreciate inside jokes, but the audience won't know what you're talking about.
  • Avoid cliches. The phrases "spread your wings and fly," "new chapter in our lives," and "be true to yourself" should not appear in your speech, and neither should other cliches.
  • Give advice sparingly. Graduation speeches do not have to contain advice, and if you're part of the graduating class, you may not have much advice to give.
  • Thank the parents. Ask everyone in the graduating class to give them a round of applause. This will mean the world to them. Make your mom cry.
  • Thank the teachers. Lord knows teachers don't get enough praise. Thank the principal or the dean too.
  • Do not reference that Green Day song. Thousands of graduation speeches have included lyrics from "Time of Your Life." Give it a rest. And actually, the real name of the song is "Good Riddance." It's an angry breakup song. Green Day intended the lyrics to be sarcastic, not sentimental. (Here's some better graduation songs to reference.)

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  • Gansukh B says:

    Онцлох дипломтой төгсөж байгаад тань баяр хүргэе :)

    Цаашдын ажил үйлс, сурлагад тань өндрөөс өндөр амжилтуудыг хүсье :) [таныг цаашид суралцана гэж таамаглаад сурлага гэж хэлэв :) ]